Artist: Kendell Geers

Kendell Geers was born into Apartheid South Africa, and grew up on the frontlines protesting against a crime against humanity. Through his art he tried to change both himself and the world by shifting the ways politics could be understood. After a year in exile in New York where he worked as Richard Prince’s assistant, Geers returned to the new democratic South Africa, only to eventually grow disillusioned by the rape, murder, and crime that took root and transformed the democratic dream into a violent nightmare. In 2002 Geers moved to Belgium, and his work shifted away from protest politics towards protest poetics. More recently, disillusioned with the art system, and having lost faith in galleries, curators, museums, and the very institution of art, Geers embraced his most contradictory position yet and began making protest paintings.

Kendell Geers, born in May 1968, lives and works in Brussels.


Feb 24, 2014
Public Program
What Now? 2014
Spaces Of Contradiction