Artist: Gedimina Akstinas

Gediminas Akstinas (b. 1961, lives and works in Vilnius) is a sculptor whose artistic practice is characterized by a combination of formalist and conceptual approaches. For the occasion of this exhibition, Akstinas created a sequence of watercolors, continuing a series-based body of work not revisited since the 1980s. A selection of these new paintings on view features a repeating cup—an everyday object that is both domestic and mechanical in its production. In his particular visual expression, Akstinas avoids associative or narrative connections, foregrounding the creation and perception of the image—“seeing” as an act of the mind, not the eye. Here, the thought of the image is more important than the image itself. No iteration is closer to an “original,” but rather, each cup becomes an event, fixing a specific moment in time.

Akstinas’ broader practice investigates the possibilities of representing everyday life, as well as the resulting tension between realism and abstraction. His work ranges from large-scale, site-specific sculptures that elaborate upon architecture (“Carriage,” 1998) to portable, hand-made, and domestic objects (“Shelf-pupils”, 1990; “Bench”, 2012). Analyzing the “potential” of an object is central to Akstinas’ oeuvre. Recent exhibitions include: The Orangery, Užutrakis Manor Estate, Trakai (2014); Exhibition of Meetings, The Gardens, Vilnius (2012); and Sparrows, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (2012).