Artist: Wato Tsereteli

New Commissions
Sep 12 - Nov 21 2015
Feb 02 - Apr 02 2016

Wato Tsereteli is an artist, curator and creative administrator. He studied Film in Tbilisi and obtained an MA from the Department of Photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium). Tsereteli’s artistic works are two, three, and four-dimensional objects with well-structured spatial organization. He has curated the international art exhibition Appendix and multiple exhibitions and projects in and outside Georgia. In 2010, he established the Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi. The center serves as an educational, research, and exhibition platform for artists and art professionals. The Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi has organized numerous exhibitions and presentations of local and international artists. In 2012, Tsereteli initiated the Tbilisi Triennial – a long-term project focused on education and research.

  • Chubika: The Echoes
    Press Release: Download PDF
    Thea Gvestadze, Mamuka Japharidze, Nika Machaidze,
    Nino Sekhniashvili, and Gio Sumbadze
    Press Release: Download PDF
    International Collaborations Exhibition:
    February 2, 2016–April 2, 2016.
    145 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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