Shadows of A Woman

Public Program
Jan 21, 1995

Shadows of A Woman. Program of works made by young people that explore sexuality and women’s issues, curated by Janett Price, a senior at Satellite Academy High School.

Absence, (1994, 7:30), by Mental Images: Rachel Castillo and others. Produced at Rise and Shine Productions, NY, NY.
Marisa’s Beauty Do’s and Don’ts, by Marisa Vural (1994, 6:15) Produced at Rise and Shine Productions, NY, NY.
Abortion: Past, Present, Future (1989, 16:00) Produced at the Educational Video Center, NY, NY.
Fried Ice Cubes: Opt-Shuns Life (1993, 19:00). Produced for Rise and Shine’s Public Access show, The Real Deal.
Daddy’s Home (6:50) Produced at Rise and Shine Productions, NY, NY.
Little Do They Know (9:00) by Greg Algood, Wally Artest, Alex Bermundaz, Ronald Delancey, Kimani Duval, Thomas Gagiardi, Audrey Garci, Tara Grekulak, Michelle Laborde, Mary Lambetsas, Yessenya Leon, Nick Nikolopoulos, Sean O’Connor, Shanna Pol, Freddy Rios, Jessica Santan and Sara Glasser, students from Middle College High School
Stereotypes (3:00) Freddie Deloney and Katrina Vega. Produced at the Community Media Project, Milwaukee, WI.
The Beginning of A New Life (12:00) Serena Lyons and Natashe Peele. Produced the Alliance for Heath, Community Video Project in Sitka, Alaska.
Kissin’ and Dissin’ (5:05) Made through ArtsConnection and Rise and Shine Productions.
Daughters of Dykes (1994, 14:00) by Amilca Palmer with Tania Kirkman, Angelica Velazquez, Jamie Zelermyer, Sarah Zelermyer and Shannon Ahern.
Sundance (1989, 4:00) by Jenny Brownfield. Produced at Film in the Cities, Minneapolis, MN