Gender Playground

Public Program
Feb 15, 1995

Gender Playground, work that questions our notions of gender, especially how they are often enforced through family and scientific institutions. Curated by Jocelyn Taylor

Dance of A Totally Unified Person, Andrew Ellis, Canada (8:00, film, 1992)
Brains on Toast: The Inexact Science of Gender, Liss Platt and Joyann Saunders, NY, NY
Ladies and Gentlemen, Laura Larson, Brooklyn, NY, (1:00, video, 1991)
One Moment in Time, Felix Rodriguez, NY,NY (20:00, video, 1992)
Good Dinner, Hon, Bettina Fabos, Ann Arbor, MI, (12:30, video,1992)
BLO Nightly News, The Barbie Liberation Organization, CA, (28:00, video, 1994)