Que Sera Sera: The Afterlife Show

Public Program
Jun 28, 1995

Que Sera Sera: The Afterlife Show
Work that explores possible alternate afterlives. Selected from our submissions.
Liminifera, Ryoya Terao (5:00, 1994 color, video )
Space Splice, Van McElewee (12:06, 1994, color, video)
Black Holes, Heavenly Bodies, by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese (16:00, 1994)
Les Affinites Recouvres, by Cynthia Beth Rubin (3:00, 1994, color, video)
Transmigrations, by Julie Harrison, audio by Carol Parkinson, text by Lynne Tillman (15:00, 1986, black and white and color, video)
Unauthorized Getaway, by Christina Kinne (10:00, 1993, black and white, film)
The Possible Fog of Heaven, by John Knecht (10:00, 1993, color, video)
Transeltown, by Myra Paci (19:00, 1992, color, film)
Ex, by Andreas Troger (1:30, 1994, black and video, video)