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Public Program
Nov 3, 2004
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Nicolas Dumit Estévez’s Stored and appearances by Charles McGill as the Black Militant Golfer

Nicolas Dumit Estévez
Stored is a performance inspired by the relationship between art, commerce, and fashion that is part coat check, part store-front display. Visitors to the gallery will be encouraged to leave their outerwear with the artist in the Project Space in exchange for a coat check tag. The artist will then catalog the items left in his care, displaying them in the street-level space until their owners return and claim them, often unaware that their article has just participated in a performance piece.

Charles McGill
The Black Militant Golfer is a persona developed by the artist in response to his observations of Black celebrity. McGill’s performances are a platform from which to address the tension among personal, cultural, and ethnic identity.

Project Space

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