Performa Radio

Public Program
Nov 6, 2005
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Tom Johnson
Tom Johnson is a sculptor who also creates spoken performances. He presents a new twenty-five minute spoken piece for radio. Taking himself as the form he is most familiar with, Johnson uses words to chip away at himself and mine his self-perception and self-consciousness. His monologue is taught with confession and vulnerability and is set in dialogue with the expectation of radio as an intimate medium, encountered mostly alone or at home.

Mungo Thomson
For The Collected Live Recording of Bob Dylan 1963-1995, Mungo Thompson has compiled the applause from Bob Dylan’s live albums. Beginning with a banned appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1963 and closing with an MTV Unplugged session in 1995, the 30-minute work abstractly captures a history of Dylan’s audiences and turns radio space into a place of celebration and unrewarded expectations.

Ceal Floyer
The Goldberg Variations was originally composed by Bach as a Baroque keyboard exercise in musical structure and reasoning. It subsequently became a standard in classical keyboard repertoire, consisting of 30 variations of a single aria. In her audio work of the same name, Ceal Floyer takes the initial prototype aria as her starting point, simultaneously presenting all the different piano recordings and interpretations of it that she could find commercially. The condensation of the individual versions into one composite playfully acknowledges and articulates the conceptual themes of the original.

Curated by Sculpture Centre Curator Anthony Huberman for PERFORMA05, with special thanks to Bethany Ryker (WFMU) and Federico Marulanda (WKCR). Presented by PERFORMA05, WFMU (91.1FM-NY and ), and WKCR (89.9FM-NY and )


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Performa Radio