One Thousand Days of Rain

Artist Residency

One Thousand Days of Rain

Luis Gómez
Additional participants Brian Boucher

Due to a denied request for a visa, Luis Gomez was unable to travel to New York for his residency, however he will give a live performance, transmitted to Art in General via the Internet, at the conclusion of the exhibition. Two photographs from his series One Thousand Days of Rain and a third photograph, Putrefactio, will be on display throughout the duration of his residency. One Thousand Days of Rain was created between 1999 and 2000 while Gomez was traveling in and around Cuba and possesses a vague sense of nostalgia. Putrefactio explores the chemical properties of alchemy in relation to the history of photographic processes. The final performance, titled The Absolute Reality, addresses inherent problems in language and translation. The performance features seven readers who will simultaneously recite religious passages in various languages.

In conjunction with this residency, Art in General publishes a brochure with a text by Brian Boucher. It can be downloaded here for free. For a printed version, purchase this publication along with the entire set of Art in General’s residency brochures in the online store for only $5.