Exchange of Handwriting

Artist Residency

Exchange of Handwriting

Jirí Skála
Additional participants Cathleen Chaffee, Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in Prague

Over the course of a 2-month residency, Jirí Skála exchanges handwriting styles with Christina Gourtin, a musician selected by Skála after an open call and series of interviews. Skála has chosen to copy 36 short passages from The Cunning Little Vixen by Czech writer Rudolf Tesnohlidek. Each day, he and Gourtin will copy one passage in each other’s handwriting, seated back-to-back in two adult-sized school desks. With this performance, Skála explores notions of identity, adaptation, and exchange.

In conjunction with this residency, Art in General publishes a brochure with a text by Cathleen Chaffee. It can be downloaded here for free. For a printed version, purchase this publication along with the entire set of Art in General’s residency brochures in the online store for only $5.

This residency and exhibition are part of Art in General’s Eastern European Residency Exchange (EERE) gives artists an opportunity to create a new work in a new context, and to meet and interact with art communities in Eastern Europe and New York City. Jirí Skála was nominated by the Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic.