Second Annual Video Marathon



Jan 15, 2000
Public Program
Second Annual Video Marathon
Video Marathon

Second Annual Video Marathon

Maria Fernandez Cardosa, Ross Harley, Heather Freeman, Masayuki Kawai, Joel Baird, Maria Mencia, Neils Neilsen, Jeanine Oleson, Adriana Arenas, Chris Stansfield, Keith Sanborn, Guy Ben Ner, Wayne Hodge, Gentry Fry, Nelson Henricks, Animal Charm, Halflifers, Joe Gibbons, Emily Breer, Anne McGuire, Enrique Alvarez, Pável Giroud, Raúl Cordero, Juan Carlos Alom, Tania Bruguera, Cirenaica Moreira, Tom Kalin, Amy Jenkins, Bonita Makuch, Alix Pearlstein, Ximena Cuevas, Shelly Silver, Ken Fiengold, Nora Fisch, Rea Tajiri, Vito Acconci, Neil Goldberg, Brock Enright, René de Jésus Peña Gonzalez
Curated by Ivan Giroud, Sara Vega, Luisa Marisy
Additional participants La Vista, The Downtown Cinema Club

Art in General’s 2nd Annual 12-hour Film and Video Marathon. With Selected works from the Donnell Library (NYC), Video Data Bank (Chicago), Art in General’s submissions, new work from Cuba, and featuring a children’s program.

12 to 12 also presents a special showing of the film Remote Control by artist Vito Acconci.

Image: Sketch for Berkeley’s Island by artist/filmmaker Guy Ben-ner.