Artscool 2007: M.S. 131 Eighth-grade ELA


Artscool 2007: M.S. 131 Eighth-grade ELA

Edwin Gonzales Ojeda, Tara Mateik, M.S. 131

Participating teaching artists and classroom teachers collaborate to create lesson plans that enrich curricula and integrate the concepts and techniques of exhibiting artists at Art in General. In this particular porject, teaching artist Tara Mateik works with Jennifer Joyce and and Diana Totolos’s eighth-grade CTT English Language Arts class. Students learn how to resolve conflicts that arise in everyday situations at home and school. Posing the question, “How do we make decisions that positively affect our lives?” students delve into their personal experience as they increase their reading and writing proficiency, develop acting skills, learn how to use digital video equipment, and exercise their critical thinking capabilities to create one-minute video public service announcements (PSAs) about current issues relevant to youth culture. The PSAs campaign to put an end to drug dealing, cutting school, and parental negligence and are broadcast on a loop in the student commons.

Teaching asistant: Daniel Reyes.