Initiated in the mid-1990s as a response to the unfortunate decline of direct public funding to artists, as well as to support artistic practices involving active public participation, Art in General’s Artist Residency Program provides artists with the opportunity to create work in a new context and to meet and interact with art communities and audiences in New York City.

This national and international Artist Residency Program is uniquely focused in exposing artistic and creative processes, in initiating and promoting the dialogue between artists and the public, and in generating a better informed and recurring audience for contemporary art. Usually during the entire 6-9 week period of the residency the artist works in a gallery space that is open to the public. Throughout the first half of the residency period, the public most often meets the artist or is witness to work in progress, notes, or the accumulation of materials that will be used for the project. On other occasions, however, the artist initially chooses to include the public, in one way or the other, during the development of a project or as part of the work itself.

Art in General offers artists in residence an honorarium to cover living expenses for a 6-9 week stay in New York City, and for materials to create a new work, travel expenses and living accommodations. It also offers artists a work area and gallery space at Art in General for the creation and exhibition of a new project. A brochure is published in conjunction to the residency, including a commissioned text about the artist’s newly created art project or exhibition. During the residency period, Art in General organizes and hosts a series of private and public programs to introduce the artist to New York City’s community, such as receptions, artist’s talks, and meetings with arts professionals.

There is no open call for this program; artists are selected by invitation only.