Katy Grannan:
Untitled (from the Poughkeepsie Journal)


Katy Grannan: Untitled (from the Poughkeepsie Journal)
24 × 20 in
Courtesy of the artist and Art in General

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Katy Grannan (American, b. 1969) composes unflinching portraits of strangers. Whether documenting adults along the sun-struck boulevards of the American West, or young teenagers she met from newspaper advertisements, Grannan transforms her sitters from complete obscurity, and valorizes them with a unique pathos and candor. These strangers challenge the relationship between aspiration and delusion, where our shared desire to be of worth, to be paid some attention-confronts the uneasy prospect of anonymity. Vivid and sharp, her photographs have created a kind of typology of those living within this parched landscapes.