Limited Edition

Danilo Correale, Reverie, On the Liberation from Work, 2017. LP record, 2 × 20” Audio. Courtesy the Artist, photographed by Dario Lasagni.
Danilo Correale
Reverie, On the Liberation from Work
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Danilo Correale

Danilo Correale
Reverie, On the Liberation from Work, 2017
LP 180-gram vinyl
Side A: “Deliverance,” 21:20
Side B: “Transition,” 21:20
Edition of 99

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A limited-edition vinyl LP of the artwork Reverie, on the Liberation from Work has been specially produced for the exhibition Danilo Correale: At Work’s End. The record—the centerpiece of the exhibition—is a two-part audio work, created in collaboration with a hypnotherapist, that immerses listeners in a future in which work-related anxieties are nonexistent and “work week” and “work ethic” no longer hold cultural value.

Limited edition copies come with two posters from a series of designs by Luisa Lorenza Corna featuring drawings by Jake Borndal and Danilo Correale. Each unique, limited edition poster is designed around a newly-commissioned short text written as personal responses to the audio work. The responses were written, respectively, by writers Houman Harouni, Patrick Jaojoco, Brian Kuan Wood, and Soyoung Yoon; two will be chosen randomly to be included in each record.

It is recommended that the piece is experienced through headphones on a comfortable chair or sofa. Please keep in mind that the sound- and wordscape featured in the recording may lead to sleep or hypnosis.


“Deliverance” does away with a world in which the fantasy of “productivity” rules. It is a first step in preparing for a new society, enabling listeners to embrace and embody the relaxation that comes when the anxiety of work is eliminated.


“Transition” is a visualization exercise that focuses listeners’ attentions on speculative images of a new society. An image of a blue dot is provided to accompany Side B as an anchor to facilitate each listener’s full imagining of their ideal future.

For more information, please visit: Danilo Correale: At Work’s End

Danilo Correale is a New York-based artist and researcher born in 1982 in Naples, Italy. In his work, he analyzes specific aspects of contemporary human life, such as the labor-leisure dichotomy and sleep through the lenses of time and body. His work has been presented in numerous group exhibitions, including Work It Feel It, Wien Biennal, Vienna (2017), Rome Quadrienal, Rome (2016), Pigs, Artium, Spain (2016), Ennesima, Trienniale Milano (2015), Kiev Biennial, Ukraine (2015), Museion, Bolzano (2015) Madre Museum Naples (2014), Steirischer herbst, Graz (2013), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (2012), Manifesta 8, Murcia/Cartagena (2010), Moscow Biennial, Moscow (2010), Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (2009). Recent solo shows include Tales of Exhaustion. La Loge, Brussels BE (2016) The Missing hour. Rhythms and Algorithms, Raucci/Santamaria, Naples (2015), The Warp and the Weft, Peep-Hole, Milan (2012), Pareto Optimality, Supportico Lopez, Berlin (2011) and Entrèe, Bergen (2011). Correale is the founder of the Decelerationist Reader and a regular contributor to publications in the field of critical theory. He has recently published The Game through FeC, (2015) and No More Sleep No More, Archive Books, Berlin (2015). He is a 2017 Associate Research Fellow at Columbia University.