Exhibition Catalog: Time Capsule
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This catalog includes documentation of the work in the exhibition, a foreword by Art in General Executive Director Holly Block, an essay by curator Tami Katz-Freiman, and an essay on the relationship between art and archaeology by Rina Talgam, an art historian and archaeologist who teaches Classical Art in the Department of Art History of Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Time Capsule brought together twelve artists from Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, and the United States to explore the practice and study of archaeology in order to shed light upon on the present. Artists include Jimmie Durham (Germany), Gilad Efrat (Israel) Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba), Silvia Gruner (Mexico), John Kindness (Ireland), John Leaños (CA), Orlan (France), Nadín Ospina (Colombia), Shuli Sadè (NYC), Dina Shenhav (Israel), Dimitris Tsoublekas (Greece), and David Wakstein (Israel).


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