Fawn Krieger: COMPANY
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Fawn Krieger

In the fully illustrated book that chronicles Fawn Krieger’s project COMPANY (2007-2008), the artist weaves together various voices of experience from her shop-as-artwork; those of store clerk, customer, critic, curator, and artist, and couples them with a critical essay by Colby Chamberlain. The voices speak of simultaneous positions of reception, and the thin line between subjective and objective accounting. Contributors include Michael Brenson, Meghan DellaCrosse Julia Dault, Sam Gordon, K8 Hardy, Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Miriam Katz, Lyra Kilston, Jon Kvistad, Eileen Myles, Annabel Roberts-McMichael, Karen Schifano, and Ida Soulard.

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COMPANY is a functioning, nomadic everything shop created by Fawn Krieger and inspired by Claes Oldenburg’s The Store (1961). The interior as well as the products and services it offers are designed and constructed by artists. COMPANY imagines a stage in which the consumer becomes a performer, and where the drama of commercial space exposes the exchanged roles of subject and object. COMPANY is private space made public, where models of trust and value are materialized through exchange, shifts in scale, textures of attention, and shades of gray. In the moment when desire compels our bodies to move, is it possession we’re after, or company?

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